Applied Flags

Applied flags are suitable for serial production. Single cut-out motives are embroidered-stitched together to create the full motive of the flag. An exterior applied flag may be a great decorative and promotional element on your company or office building!

Applied Flags

Exterior flags, manufactured by combining application and embroidery techniques are recommended for single orders or not very complicated motives.
When using this combined technology of stitching cut-off parts together with use of embroidering, we cut the lining material and adjust the embroidering machine so that the motive is identical on both sides of the applied flag.

Material: 100% PES designed for exterior utilisation, highly resistant to weather.

For extremely difficult conditions (e.g. flags manufactured for castles Křivoklát and Trosky, 3 x 4 m), applied flags are backed with special material.

Dimensions: The most commonly used size is 100 x 150 cm - for municipal, city and national flags

On request, the dimensions may be adjusted, depending on the specific motive and customer's specifications.

Manufacturing time: approx. 2-4 weeks


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