Embroideryreligious goods

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“Flag with the motive of Our Lady of Lourdes for the Pilgrimage to Lourdes”

Embroideryfor cities and municipalities

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“City flag with padded and embroidered motive of the royal crown”

Embroideryfor clubs and associations

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“Handicraft embroidered central motive of a shooting flag”

Embroideryfor companies

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Embroidery For Freemasons

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“Gold-embroidered standard for the Masonic Order”


Výroba medailí

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"Medaile pro Mezinárodní řád Křižovníci s červeným srdcem Cyriaci"

Processing Family heraldry

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“Embroidered coat of arms, needle-paint technique”

Embroidery from traditional company Velebný & Fam

In 1990, we resumed the production with a wide range of services. Our portfolio includes handicraft-embroidered ceremonial flags, printed flags, wall-mounted emblems, automatic machine embroidery, heraldry, machine appliqué, badges and needlework, historic uniforms as well as precisely embroidered religious paraments.

  • 300-year-long family tradition in embroidery
  • We are ranked among leading producers in the world
  • Guaranteed quality: 10-year guarantee period for fully embroidered flags

From the history of the family company

The family production of embroidered goods and paraments was first mentioned in 1713. The historic record mentions Matěj Welebný, tailor and parament-maker from Worle (today's Orel). The tradition continued until 1951, when the company production was taken over by a state-owned organisation Charita, which manufactured all products designed for religious purposes.

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The whole family Velebný The whole family Velebný

Have a look at what we are doing and how good we are in doing it

Our valued customers include, for example, Office of the President of the Czech Republic, Charles University, governmental, regional, city and municipal authorities, Czech Ministry of Defence, Military History Institute CR, Czech Police Headquarters, fire brigades, religious authorities, film studios and film makers, important advertising agencies, as well as miscellaneous associations, corporations and companies both in the Czech Republic and abroad. We have produced embroidered flags, appliqués, badges and machine-embroidered items for them.

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