Flags, Banners and Emblems

Thanks to our experience and expertise gained during 300 years of operation of our family firm, we manufacture embroidered flags and emblems of outstanding quality. In our company, you can expect professional approach and a variety of quality textiles, threads and other materials and accessories. We will assist you to develop an original design. Furthermore, we are able to arrange for sale of flags or banners which will perfectly represent and promote you.

Flags, Banners and Emblems

Are you in search for a quality flag or emblem?

We can show you several technologies for manufacture of flags, banners and emblems. Furthermore, it is worth thinking ahead of time how the flag or emblem is to be used.
Exterior flags can be printed or applied. These flags will be installed on the building, in a wall-mounted attachment.
Ceremonial flags are made of velvet, usually in highest possible quality, as the purpose is to attract the attention and give the touch of uniqueness to ceremonies, special events or conferences.
As for the artistic aspects, our graphic designs of new flags are professional and unique. A new embroidered flag or emblem is a great investment for the future and will represent and promote your association or organization for several generations.

Professional expertise and experience - guaranteed quality

We have rich experience with manufacturing precise replicas of banners according to historic samples. We are able to restore an old flag as well. Furthermore, we can professionally clean historic textiles and preserve them for further use.

Rich portfolio of products

We can offer a variety of national flags - for example, the Czech flag, EU flag, special flags such as the Olympic flag, and much more.
We have manufactured a great number of city and municipal flags, flags for fire brigades, for Czech Sokol, miners', apiarist, military, police or gamekeeper associations, as well as for companies, craft or other associations. Furthermore, we embroider flags and banners for Scout clubs, sport clubs, schools and other organizations.
Our embroidery production includes memorial ribbons in various sizes, materials and shapes, which are usually attached to a flag pole at special occasions to commemorate the importance of the specific event.

When working for our customers, we follow our motto, "Kvalita jak vyšitá" ("Embroidered to the Highest Quality")

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