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Our complex offer designed for companies. Look at a complex list of products and services provided by the family firm Velebný & Fam. We will be happy to consult your choices of the products that best suit to your needs.

Flags for companies, firm flags, embroidered flag for companies

  • Commemorative flags
  • Commemorative flagpoles - with decorative wooden ends or brazen tips
  • Flag stands and holders - wooden, metal, forged or brazen
  • PVC flag wrappers
  • Leather belts
  • Transport bags
  • Embroidered or printed ribbons
  • Embroidered promotion textiles
  • Embroidery on work-clothing, tablecloth and linen
  • Company tabs
  • Table flags - embroidered or printed
  • Holders - metal, chrome-coated or wooden
  • Miniature commemorative flags
  • Flying banners
  • Masts
  • Mourning flags
  • National flags
  • Exterior poles and staffs
  • Exterior company flags - printed or embroidered
  • Business cards
  • Design company logos

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